How to claim your username?

Claim your username on Maroo easily. Follow these steps to personalize your account.

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Claim that username! Couples will be able to pay you via your distinct payment link, which is why we recommend saving a brand-centric username as soon as possible. Save your username by:

Signing up:

  1. Go to the Maroo sign up page

  2. Enter your business email and choose a password

  3. Check your email for your 4 digit verification code and enter it in Maroo

Once you have verified your account:

  1. Complete your registration by entering your business details:

    • first and last name

    • business name

    • website

    • address and phone number (a phone number is required to increase the security of your business account)

  2. Choose to upload a logo or photo for your business account

    • To upload: Simply click Upload and choose an image from the dropdown selection menu

    • If you choose to do this later, click Skip, I'll do this later to continue

    • You can always add or edit your photo in your Maroo account settings.

  3. Choose your Maroo username

    • Your username will appear in the format

    • Choose a username that your clients easily recognize (ie.

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