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Invite Your Friends on Maroo
Invite Your Friends on Maroo

Love Maroo? Help us spread the word, invite your friends and earn cash rewards πŸ’Έ

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Share the Savings

As a valued member of the Maroo platform, you've experienced firsthand how our payment solutions can save you thousands of dollars on processing fees for your business. Now, we made it even easier for you to share these savings with your friends and fellow professionals in the industry.

By inviting your friends to join Maroo, you're not only introducing them to a platform that can streamline their payment processes, but you're also giving them the chance to save big on accepting payments with zero processing fees β€” just like you did!

How It Works

Inviting your friends to Maroo is simple and straightforward. Here's how the referral process works:

Invite Your Friends

Log in to your Maroo account and navigate to the referral section. From there, you can send invitations to your friends via email or by sharing a unique referral link. Don't forget to leave a personal note for them 😊

Your Friends Join Maroo

When your friends receive your invitation (like the one below), they'll be directed to a sign-up page where they can create their own Maroo account.

Celebrate the Savings & Rewards

Once your friends have successfully joined Maroo, they'll gain access to our suite of payment tools and features, helping them save thousands of dollars on processing fees.

After they process a minimum of $10,000 card payments within the first 3 months after the signup, you will receive a $50 cash reward. No limits, no caps.

Find more information about Maroo Affiliate Program here.

Join the Movement

We're thrilled to have you as part of the Maroo community, and we're confident that your friends will love it too. Together, let's create a network of wedding and events professionals who are empowered to save and succeed.

Ready to start inviting? Head over to the referral section in your Maroo account and begin sharing the savings today!

Have questions? Chat us or reach out via [email protected]

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