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In this article we will cover your account settings, where to find them, and how they impact the payment experience for you and your clients on Maroo.


You can access your account settings here:

There you will find the following groups of settings:

  • Payment settings

  • Contact information and Profile image

  • Legal details

  • Maroo payment link

  • Integrations

  • Password management

Payment settings

These are your global payment settings. You can do 2 things here:

  1. Enable/Disable specific payment methods (i.e. you can opt out from accepting credit cards)

  2. Define who pays the processing fees by payment method type (i.e. below the clients will always pay the processing fees across both cards and ACH transfers)

Contact information & Profile image

This is where you can add some personalization to your Maroo account. Please note that all information listed here will be visible to your clients (i.e. your company logo or mailing address).

Legal details

This is a very important section and one that will be required to be filled in before you can start accepting payments on Maroo. We use this information to verify your business and protect from someone potentially misusing your name or business brand.

Maroo payment link

If you are interested to accept payments without issuing an invoice for each payment OR you'd like to embed your branded checkout on your website OR have a stable Maroo link for your CRM - this is the place where you control this setting.

You can read more about direct payment link here.


This is where you can connect Maroo to your Quickbooks Online instance.

Password management

In case you will need to reset your password, you can do this from that setting. We take security of your information very seriously and highly recommending to update your password every 3-6 months to prevent account takeovers.

โ€‹Read more about how Maroo keeps your information secure.

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