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How to set up your Maroo account?
How to set up your Maroo account?

Setting up your Maroo account is easy. Follow our guide for a smooth and quick onboarding process.

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It's simple to set up your Maroo account, and it's free!

To sign up:

  1. Go to the Maroo sign up page

  2. Enter your business email and choose a password

  3. Check your email for your 4 digit verification code and enter it in Maroo

Once you have verified your account:

  1. Complete your registration by entering your business details:

    • first and last name,

    • business name,

    • website,

    • address and phone number (a phone number is required to increase the security of your business account)

  2. Choose to upload a logo or photo for your business profile.

    • To upload: Simply click Upload and choose an image from the dropdown selection menu

    • If you choose to do this later, click Skip, I'll do this later to continue

  3. Choose your Maroo username

Select who pays credit card fees:

From three options, you will be able to a selection for who pays the 3.5% credit card processing fees. This can always be changed later in account settings. Select from the following options:

Connect your bank account:

  1. Choose to connect your bank account automatically via Plaid or manually connect your bank account by adding your bank details.

    1. Learn more about our privacy policy and security via Plaid.

Have questions about using Maroo? Email us at [email protected].

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