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Bank connection failed! What should I do?
Bank connection failed! What should I do?

Encountering a bank connection failure on Maroo? Follow these steps to resolve the issue quickly.

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Ah this can definitely happen but that doesn't mean that it isn't frustrating! In the case that you're not able to connect your bank using Plaid, there are a few things to do to resolve the issue:

  1. Try connecting a different account either from the same bank or from a different bank. Please note that we can only connect your Checking accounts!

  2. Check your bank account security settings and look to see whether your bank just doesn't allow external integrations like Plaid (this happens a lot with smaller banks and credit unions). Sometimes you can find this out on their website and other times you have to call.

  3. Skip Plaid and choose to manually connect your bank. If you can't get it to connect, you should be able to connect your checking account the manual way by entering in your account info. For businesses and freelancers, this will mean that Maroo will send you a micro-deposit to verify your account. If you are a couple getting married and trying to connect, you will not have to go through the micro-deposit step. You should be able to just enter in your account information and click to pay.

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