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Welcome to Maroo! Start exploring our platform and its exciting features. Enjoy your journey with us.

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What is Maroo?

Maroo is a free payments platform designed specifically to the weddings & events industry.

Maroo makes it super easy for any wedding & event businesses to create and send professionally looking invoices to their clients, collect payments with zero processing fees and do it fast (like 1-2 business days), as well as send payments to their freelancers, contractors or other suppliers.

What sets us apart?

Maroo is not a CRM (i.e Honeybook) or Venmo or Square or Quickbooks. Think of Maroo as a financial operating system for your business. Our aim is to become your ultimate finance partner who will support and guide you on any money related topics around your business.

There are numerous systems out there, some good others not. We wanted to make sure that any person regardless of their tech background, will spend no more than 2 minutes before using Maroo in full capacity. Most common feedback we are getting from businesses using Maroo is how easy and simple it is comparing with other solutions. Try it yourself

Below you can find the summary of key features of Maroo that will help you to get started today.

Get Paid

maroo get paid accept payments no processing fees

Whether you're a venue, caterer, or a wedding planner, Maroo makes it easy to accept payments from your social or corporate clients. Not only do we support a variety of payment methods including credit/debit cards and ACH transfers, but we also offer the flexibility of setting up recurring or custom payment schedules. Say goodbye to the hassle of chasing payments and enjoy a seamless cash flow with Maroo!

Key features:

  • Create professional looking and branded invoices. For free

  • Invoice both individuals or business clients

  • Copy other people if required (planners, parents or other partner)

  • Add custom payment schedule

  • Opt in for automatic payment reminders

  • Offer/require autopay for your clients

  • Add attachments (contracts, images, floor plans, etc)

  • Mark invoices as paid if you collected payments outside of Maroo

  • Choose which payment methods you'd like to accept

  • Let your clients pay with manually typing their bank details (manual ACH option)

  • Easily refund your clients right from your dashboard

  • Receive monthly open invoices reporting about unpaid transaction that clients owe you

  • Accept payments with zero processing fees (if you pass on the fees on to the clients)

Learn more about accepting payments on Maroo: click here


maroo make payments b2b payments embedded financing

Need to make payments to freelancers, contractors or other suppliers? Our "Pay" feature is designed to make your payments as simple as your receipts. You can schedule and manage all your payments in one place, ensuring you never miss a due date. Maroo supports various payment methods, giving you the freedom to choose the one that best suits your needs. With Maroo, your financial operations are always on point.

Key features:

  • Free B2B ACH payments πŸ˜‰

  • Add multiple payment methods to your wallet (cards, banks, etc)

  • Schedule your outgoing payments for future dates or pay in the moment

  • Pay with the credit card even when your supplier doesn't accept it - we will send them a bank transfer or check

  • No exchange of sensitive financial information (i.e. bank account details). Just add your supplier name and email - we will handle all the rest

  • Freelancer/Contractors payroll

  • Generate 1099-NEC forms or e-file them directly to the IRS from your Maroo dashboard

Learn more about making payments on Maroo: click here


No more manual data entry or syncing issues! Maroo's "Accounting Integrations" feature links your financial operations directly with your preferred accounting software like QuickBooks Online. It synchronizes your income and expenses, creating a real-time, accurate reflection of your business finances. With Maroo, you get a streamlined, automated, and error-free accounting process, leaving you more time to focus on your clients and less on your books.

Learn more about accounting integrations on Maroo: click here


Our "Taxes" feature simplifies your tax preparation process. Maroo helps you track your taxable income, making your tax filing easier than ever. It also prepares necessary tax forms (i.e. 1099-NEC), saving you from the complexities of tax regulations and calculations. With Maroo, you can be confident that your taxes are in order, giving you more time to grow your business.

Learn more about tax reporting on Maroo: click here

Ready to try it yourself? Create your free Maroo account, it only takes a few minutes 🧑

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