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Tips to stay organized on Maroo. Maximize efficiency and keep track of your transactions effortlessly.

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Maroo provides your business with various convenient tools that help you saves time, money and minimize distraction from what matters the most - your clients.

Direct Payment links

If you prefer not to invoice your clients manually, Maroo offers you a really simple way to accept payments via direct payment link.

What is direct payment link?

Direct payment link is like your branded checkout page where your clients can make a custom amount payments without you spending time and creating invoices by yourself.

Where can I use direct payment link?

  • In your CRM templates

  • In your client email templates

  • On your website

  • In your Instagram account (don't forget to use #maroome)

  • wherever you'd like ๐Ÿ˜„

Where is my link?

You can find it in your account settings: click here

What else do I need to know before using direct payment link?

Your payment link has the same payment settings as your invoices, i.e. if you indicated that you pass on the processing fees on your clients, payment via direct payment link will inherit these settings. Or if you indicated that you don't accept ACH transactions - you direct payment link will show ACH as available payment method to your client.

Payments outside of Maroo

We all been in these situations when clients just didn't want to use our online payment methods or preferred just sending checks. We get it.

This is why on Maroo it's so simple to just mark you invoice as paid. Add a couple of notes for your future self about how the client paid. This will come handy during the tax season when you accountant will need to reconcile your sales numbers.


It is super easy to pull your sales reports with detailed information about clients, amount of payments, savings you generated on the platform or processing fees you paid.

You can pull your sales report in the right section of your dashboard

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