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What can you pay for using Maroo?
What can you pay for using Maroo?

Discover what you can pay for using Maroo. Explore our versatile payment options for your convenience.

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Maroo is a payments platform designed exclusively for the weddings and events industry. Businesses in the industry (all categories, all sizes) can use Maroo to make payment requests to their clients and pay their freelancers associated with each event.

As a wedding & event professional:

  1. You can use Maroo to send invoices for wedding and event expenses to your clients and couples to get paid via bank transfer (1% fee capped at $25), debit or credit card (3.5% processing fee). As a business you decide whether you want to pass on the processing fee (you can do that in your settings).

  2. You can also use Maroo to pay another business or one of your freelancers. At the end of the year, Maroo will generate a report and a 1099 for you so that you can use it for accounting and tax purposes.

As a couple:

If you're planning a wedding, you can use Maroo to pay ALL of your wedding pros. Maroo makes it easy for you to make payment requests to your pros all from your free dashboard. Set up reminders for yourself, connect the cards and accounts you want to use and rest easy that at least that part of the planning process doesn't have to be so stressful.

Note: Maroo currently only supports payments within the United States but we are planning to launch international card payment options beginning in February 2023!

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