How to create an invoice?

Learn how to create invoices on Maroo. Simplify invoicing and receive payments with ease.

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Creating invoices is SUPER simple with Maroo. Below is a quick video on how it works. Plus, a step-by-step instructional below. Enjoy!

5 Steps to Create Invoice on Maroo

  1. Click Create Invoice (it's the coral button in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard)

  2. Add client's information and the total contract amount. (If it's a business, toggle over to "business"). If you want to send automated reminders, toggle that on and your client will receive payment reminders 1 month, 1 week, 3 days, and 1 day ahead of the due date. Learn more about what auto-reminders look like and how often they go out..

  3. If you are breaking up the payments for your client to pay them between now and the event, then go ahead and schedule them out next. You can set the amount they owe and due date and add as many as you want! Last, attach files (like the itemized invoice or any other document having to do with the payment). and hit "Continue"

  4. Choose the payment methods you want to accept. We make it easy for you to pass on the card processing fee! (You can do that in your settings when you are creating your Maroo account.)

  5. Review the invoice and make sure everything looks good to you. Then, click Create invoice. At this stage invoice is not yet sent and you will be offered 2 options to deliver it to your client on the next screen.
    1) Send Invoice: that will email the invoice directly to the client (see how your clients will receive it here)

    2) Copy the payment link: you can now paste into to any email or template you want

That's it! Once you send it out to your client or create that payment link, it will move from Draft mode to Due/Scheduled and you will see that reflected in your dashboard.

How does it look for your clients?

Watch the video above to see what they will see on their end or see more here in our other article about your clients' payment experience on Maroo.

How long will it take to deliver the funds?

Once your client pays, Maroo will process the payment. If they pay you with a card (be it debit or credit), then you get paid in 1-2 business days. If they pay you with a free bank transfer, then the processing time is likely to be slightly longer (on average 4-5 business days). Learn more about our processing times here.

Want to sync up with your Quickbooks?

You can sync your Quickbooks Online account with your Maroo account via the settings area of your dashboard. It's under "integrations" and it will prompt you to enter in your Quickbooks password to sync. Once that's done, your invoices should sync up and carry over to Quickbooks. Another way to tell that an invoice is syncing with your Quickbooks is that you will see this rotating arrows icon next to your invoices πŸ”„.

Still have questions about how to create an invoice? Chat us or reach out via [email protected]

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