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Understanding transaction status on Maroo. Stay informed about payment progress with clear updates.

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When you are looking at your dashboard, it's comprised of multiple invoices or transactions created by you or your clients. This article will cover how to navigate in your Maroo dashboard and read the status of the transactions.

If you want to find all incoming transactions (payments made to you), you need to click on Get Paid tab on your left panel.

Every transaction has its lifecycle. On Maroo it follows this logic:

Draft >> Active >> In Progress >> Paid (or Failed)

It is also reflected in what we call quick filter panel.

Now, if you'd like to locate or review transactions at specific stage of their lifecycle, here is how you can do that.


Summary of all transactions sorted by the time when transaction was created/added to your dashboard. This is the default state of your dashboard.


Invoices created by you but have not yet sent to your clients. By "sent" we mean both emailing the invoices from Maroo or generating the payment link.


Invoices created by you and sent from Maroo or generated payment links (activated) but the customer has not yet paid for. Inside of it there might be a few statuses:

  • Due - invoices with payment date within 30 days from today

  • Scheduled - invoices with payment date beyond 30 days from today

  • Past Due - invoices with payment date that's already passed

  • Failed - invoices where payment failed and they require additional action. Typically relevant for the ACH failed payments (most common reasons being incorrect account details used or insufficient account balance), this transaction will have a failed status.

In Progress

Invoices where client already made the payment. Inside of it there might be a few statuses:

  • Authorization - specifically relevant for ACH payments only when Maroo awaits a confirmation from your client's bank that they have a sufficient account balance to pay you. Typically for ACH payments this step takes 4-5 business days, for card payments it's instant.

  • Processing - once authorization is received, Maroo starts processing the payment. Our standard processing time is 1 business day. Maroo does not hold funds on our end causing delays in the processing times.

On the right hand side you will always see what payment method was used for specific transaction. Just hover over the payment method icon.


List of all successful payments from your clients to you. This list includes:

  • Payments for invoices you created manually

  • Payments for invoices you created via API/external integrations

  • Payments via your branded direct payment link

  • Direct payments by your clients (outside invoices/direct payment links)

  • Payments made outside of Maroo that you manually marked as paid


You can archive transactions at any stage of their lifecycle. If you like to keep things clean and don't need to see transaction in your dashboard, you can put it aside into archive folder. These transaction will always show up in your search results though.

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