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How does it look like for my clients?
How does it look like for my clients?

See how it looks like for your clients on Maroo. Get a preview of their payment experience.

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We receive this question quite a lot and we get it - customer experience is critical and you want to see what your valued clients will receive in terms notification, how their payment process will look like, etc. So let's start.

Receiving an invoice

In this video you can find how to create the invoice on Maroo. You clicked "Email payment request" and what happens now?

Your clients + everyone in the "Emails to cc" field will receive the email below where they will see your business logo, name, amounts and all details and attachments you provided when creating an invoice.

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After they proceed with clicking "Review & Pay" clients will be offered two options:

  • Sign up and Pay

  • Pay as Guest

Making payment

Regardless of the client's preference above, they will arrive to the payment screen below. Client will need to connect their payment method + they can add a note for your business helping you recognize the transaction (optional).

After connecting their payment method, clients will be ready to proceed with the payment.

After the payment is made, your clients will receive a confirmation screen πŸŽ‰

As a last step client will be able to download the receipt for the transaction.

In addition, the following email will be sent to the clients inbox + everyone who was added in the field "Emails to cc".

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