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Gratuity (Tips)
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We had a lot of deliberation within the team and decided to call this feature gratuity as the perception of its word is more elevated and that's the standard we want to uphold together with our business clients.

Do I have gratuity feature enabled?

Gratuity feature is available to all business accounts on Maroo. At the same time if you don't want your clients to see an option to add gratuity, you can always change this in your settings: click here

When and where clients see gratuity option offered to them?

Clients can only see this option once they made the last payment on the invoice. Example: if invoice contained 3 installments, the client will only see an option to add gratuity once they paid the final third payment.

Why? We want to make sure that our business clients don't come up as desperate asking for gratuity every single payment, hence this option is only offered on the the entire invoice is covered.

Who pays the processing fees on gratuity?

By default processing fees are deducted form the business side as we didn't want to discourage clients from adding gratuity on your invoices. At the same time, clients are offered an option to cover the processing fees to ensure that you receive the full gratuity amount. Outside of the processing fees, there is nothing else that Maroo charges.

See below how the process looks like from the client perspective.

How does it look like for the client?

Great question! Here is a quick video of the end-to-end process of adding gratuity and how it looks like for your clients. Double click to enlarge the video.

What payment method can be used to add gratuity?

Your clients can use any payment method to add gratuity. Our rationale was to remove any friction around the process.

Can gratuity be added on the invoice paid outside of Maroo?

Yes 🤩 Here is how it looks like. In your account you will mark invoice as paid:

And this is how it looks for your clients

Can clients add gratuity a few days after the last payment made?

Absolutely. This option doesn't have expiration time so at any moment your clients can login to their account, open the invoice from your business and add gratuity via the button on the screenshot above.

What is the processing times for gratuity payments?

We apply our standard processing times on gratuity payments same as on typical invoices. For card payments it is 1-2 business days, for ACH transfers it is 4-5 business days.

Can gratuity payments be refunded?

Yes, similar to the normal invoice payments, gratuity payments can be refunded. In this case, we follow our standard refund process.

How can I get customer support for issues related to gratuity?

We are always one click away on the chat or feel free to email us at [email protected]

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