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Offer hassle-free refunds to clients with Maroo. Easy and convenient processing for full or partial refunds.

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We understand that refunds is always an unpleasant part of running the business. This is why, when you are processing your payments on Maroo, we help you to make the refund process as simple and secure as possible.

ℹ️ IMPORTANT: partial refunds are available only for your clients' card payments. ACH payments can be returned only in full back to your clients.

When can I submit a refund?

When a payment is in the Processing status, that means that funds have not been deposited to your bank account hence no refund is possible to be issued. Once you receive the payment to your bank account, you can initiate the refund.

Who pays the processing fees on refunds?

ℹ️ IMPORTANT: All processing fees associated with the original payment are non-refundable which means that if you are taking the card processing fee on your business we will not be able to refund those.

As always, Maroo gives you full control over the processing fees. There are a few terms we need to align first:

  • Invoice amount - amount you asked your client to pay you

  • Processing fees - fees assessed by Maroo to you or your client (depending on your settings)

  • Amount paid = invoice amount + processing fees (paid by client)

  • Deposit to bank = Total amount paid - processing fees (paid by you)

The amount paid will always be the maximum amount you can refund (click to enlarge the image).

While submitting the refund you can indicate if you want to cover the processing fees that your clients originally paid.

If you opted to take on the processing fees yourself, you will not have the option to refund the processing fees in this case as the client didn't pay any.

How long does it take to process the refund?

Once the refund has been initiated, it will take on average up to 5 business days to process it and deliver it to your client's original payment method.


Below is the list of notifications being sent to you and your clients related to the refund.


Your client

Refund submitted

When you raised the refund in your Maroo dashboard

Refund authorized

When we received the funds from your business & nothing prevents us from delivering funds to the client

Refund failed (issue on the business' side)

When we were not able to collect the refund amount from your business account (i.e. insufficient funds or disconnected from Maroo)

Refund failed (issue on the client's side)

When we were not able to deliver funds to the client (i.e. their bank account was closed or disconnected from Maroo)

How to submit a refund?

To initiate the refund click on the 3 dots on the right-hand side (click to enlarge the image).

Alternatively, when you open the invoice details window on the right, you can click on 3 dots near each of the payment installments (click to enlarge the image).

There you will see an option to create your refund. You can submit an unlimited number of refunds for each of the payments, meaning if you want to refund a $10,000 payment 10 times for $1,000 or 2 x $5,000 - you can do that and you can control the processing fees for each of the refunds.

You will see the available amount for the refund at the top of the window

To confirm, check the total refund amount indicated on the button and click.

Click View refund to review the details.

How do refunds show up on Maroo?

After you submit the refund, they will show up inside the related invoice (see screenshot above) and as a separate line on your dashboard (click to enlarge the image).

Additionally, you can quickly find all submitted refunds using transactional filters (click to enlarge the image).

Have more questions or need help issuing a refund? Contact us at [email protected]

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