Offer hassle-free refunds to clients with Maroo. Easy and convenient processing for full or partial refunds.

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We understand that refunds is always an unpleasant part of running the business. Which is why, when you are processing your payments on Maroo, we help you to make the refunds process as simple and secure as possible.

ℹ️ IMPORTANT: partial refunds are available only for your clients' card payments. Any ACH payments can be returned only in full back to your clients.

When a payment is in the Processing status, that means that funds have not been deposited to your bank account hence no refund is possible to be issued. Once you receive the payment to your bank, you can initiate the refund.

ℹ️ PLEASE NOTE: All processing fees associated with the original payment are non-refundable which means that if you are taking the card processing fee on your business we will not be able to refund those.

Once the refund has been initiated, it will take between 3-10 business days for card refunds and 7-14 business days for ACH refunds.

Once the refund is confirmed, you will receive a respective notification and Maroo will debit your connected bank account for the amount of the refund within the next 2-3 business days.

To initiate the refund click "Refunds" on the left panel of your Maroo Dashboard and follow the system prompts. The total process will take no more than a minute.

Have more questions or need help issuing a refund? Contact us at [email protected].

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