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Direct payment links, New website and more (05/18/23)
Direct payment links, New website and more (05/18/23)

Exciting updates on Maroo: Direct payment links, new website, and more! Explore the latest features now.

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Today we are dropping a list of 4 features and product updates:

Custom payment links

Now when you share your payment link with your client via socials or messengers, they will have a nice and custom preview of the invoice, including your business name and the invoice amount.

In the next feature iteration, we are going to make the colors custom so you can align it more to your business brand.

We hope you would like it 😊

Updated referral program

We updated our in-product referral functionality so now you can add a personal note to your friends, telling them why you like Maroo 😍

Read more about how the referral works and invite one of your friends today!

Our new website is LIVE!

We updated and refreshed the look of the website + added much more information about key features of Maroo and how we are different from other platforms.

Let us know what you think about it or if there is anything we can improve 😍

Delete future payments

You scheduled your payments to contractors, freelancers or other business partners and set some date in the future and then decided to delete this payment. Now you can do that even if your recipient already accepted the payment. Once you delete payment, automatic notifications will be sent to both sides.

Still have questions? Chat us or reach out via [email protected]

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