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Payments expiration (05/08/23)
Payments expiration (05/08/23)

Understand payments expiration on Maroo. Stay informed about timelines and ensure timely transactions.

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Improved payments

There is no more delay when searching for your contacts in the drop down list when making a payment.

Simplified outgoing payments

Now when you want to send a payment you just need to choose the recipient, amount, preferred payment method and a date. It can be either today or in the future, this way you can schedule your outgoing payments in one go.

Payments Expiration

Now when you send a payment and it was not accepted in 7 days, payment link will automatically expire. This will help to avoid double payments months after they were originally sent.

"Memo to Business" in the confirmation emails

Every email confirming your payment to another business now has your memo what the payment was made for. This is very handy if you are sharing your Maroo account with multiple employees or accountants.

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