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New pricing, Manual ACH, Sales reports (05/01/23)
New pricing, Manual ACH, Sales reports (05/01/23)

Exciting updates on Maroo's pricing, manual ACH, and sales reports. Discover the latest enhancements now!

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New pricing

Following our general communication, we updated our pricing as per the following:

  • Debit/Credit cards - 3.5% (with the ability to pass on the processing fees to the client)

  • ACH transfers - 1% capped at $25 (with the ability to pass on the processing fees to the client)

That means if the transaction amount is less than $2,500 the cost of transfer will be 1%. If the transaction amount is greater than $2,500 then the processing cost will be fixed at $25.

โ„น๏ธ As always, you have the full control around who pays the processing fees.

Payment Settings

You can control the allocation of processing fees in your Payment Settings: click here

In addition, you have a quick link for the pricing details directly from your settings in case you require.

โ„น๏ธ PLEASE NOTE:your payment settings have global impact meaning any changes you are making will have an impact on all open invoices.

Example: if you don't usually accept credit cards, but for this specific client you wanted to, make sure your payment settings have the toggle "Accepting credit cards" always on.

Manual ACH payments

We're excited to announce that the Manual ACH payment option is back!

We know how much you loved this feature, and we're sorry for the temporary pause last month. Underlying reason was that this feature was powered by Silicon Valley Bank and with everything happening there, we were concerned for the security of your clients funds, hence we decided to take it off for the time being.

Your security is our top priority, and we wanted to make sure everything was in tip-top shape. ๐Ÿ”’

Now after things got on track, your clients can once again enjoy the convenience of making payments by manually entering your bank details โ€” safely and securely.

Sales Reports

We heard quite often that sales reporting was not obvious. To help address it, we added a tag when hovering above the button on your right side of the dashboard. Let us know if we can do something else or move this button elsewhere where its more intuitive or expected to be located.

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