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Chargebacks and Disputes

Understanding chargebacks and disputes on Maroo. Know how to handle and resolve these situations effectively.

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When processing online payments, businesses like you may face customer disputes (or chargebacks) or ACH returns. Customers can request their bank to reverse charges, leading to potential conflicts.

While Maroo doesn't have the authority to resolve disputes, our Disputes Resolution Team is here to support you. We'll help you present your case to the customer's bank, guiding you through the resolution process.

Step 1: We inform you about the dispute and debit the amount from your connected bank account.

When your client initiates a dispute, their bank takes two actions:

  1. The bank retrieves the disputed amount from Maroo on your client's behalf.

  2. The bank contacts Maroo to gather additional details about the transaction.

Holding the Dispute Amount:

To recover funds for the client, the bank withdraws the disputed amount (plus a $15 dispute fee from Stripe) from the bank account linked to Maroo. This action is initiated by the client's bank, and the funds are held until the dispute is resolved. Dispute resolutions may take 60-90 days, but if the outcome favors you, all held funds will be returned to you!

Bank's Request for More Information:

Based on the dispute details provided by the bank, Maroo will contact you to collect further information. The email you receive will include known dispute details and the information the client's bank requires from you.

ℹ️ IMPORTANT: The client's bank allows only a brief period to submit your information, so prompt responses with the requested information (detailed below) are crucial!

Our aim is to advocate for you to the client's bank, and the information you provide will help contest the dispute. In the next step, we'll outline what information may be useful. If needed, we may contact you again for more details.

Step 2: You Provide Us with Supporting Documentation

To challenge the dispute, you'll need to provide relevant documentation that verifies the transaction and the delivery of products/services. The client's bank seeks evidence to validate the transaction—this may include receipts, invoices, email exchanges, proof of delivery, photos, and more.

The documentation should directly refute the client's claim. For instance, if the client alleges non-receipt of goods, a signed receipt alone won't suffice. The bank will also require proof of delivery. The more comprehensive your evidence, the stronger your case!

ℹ️ IMPORTANT: The bank sets a limited time frame for submitting your information. If you're unable to meet this deadline, Maroo will proceed and respond to the dispute using available information, such as invoices or contracts, sent via Maroo.

In the dispute email you receive, review the dispute details, including the client's claim (reason and disputed amount). This will help you identify the disputed transaction and determine the appropriate evidence to submit. To provide your evidence, please respond using the form in the email.

After receiving your evidence, Maroo will forward the information to the client's bank.

Step 3: Awaiting the Bank's Resolution of the Case

Upon receiving your submitted information, Maroo will promptly forward it to your client's bank for review. The bank's decision-making process can take between 60 and 90 days, and we'll inform you of the outcome via email as soon as we receive it.

ℹ️ IMPORTANT: Should the bank rule in favor of your client, the funds will be refunded to their credit card. Unfortunately, the client's bank's decision is final and cannot be appealed.

Step 4: Dispute Resolution

☀️ If the dispute is resolved in your favor, no further action is required on your part! We'll notify you, and the initially withdrawn funds, including the $15 dispute fee, will be credited back to your linked bank account.

🌧️ In the event that the dispute is resolved in favor of your client, the funds previously withdrawn from your linked bank account (comprising the disputed amount along with a $15 dispute fee) will be processed to facilitate the refund of the disputed amount to your client. No additional action is required on your part.

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