How to edit your invoice?

Editing your invoices on Maroo is easy. Follow these steps to make necessary changes.

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After you created an invoice, you can make any changes in its structure.

If your client already made a partial payment, you will only be able to edit other payment installments within the invoice.

Step 1. Click on the invoice on your dashboard

Step 2. Click Edit invoice dropdown

There are four options you will have:

  • Client info

  • Amount

  • Payment methods and fees

  • Delete invoice

Client info

Here you can edit:

  • client's name

  • their email

  • emails on copy

  • note to client

  • attachments


Here you can edit:

  • total invoice amount

  • payment installments

  • payment schedule

  • payment auto-reminders

Payment methods and fees

Here you can edit:

  • accepted payment methods

  • who pays the processing fees

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