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How does it work to create an invoice for clients on Maroo?
How does it work to create an invoice for clients on Maroo?

Learn how to create invoices for clients on Maroo. Simplify billing and provide a seamless experience.

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If you are using Maroo to make payment requests, then you will likely want to attach an itemized invoice to your payment request so that your clients have all of the details right there in one spot. Some businesses will actually add all of the details about the invoice right into the memo area of their Maroo payment request instead. It's totally up to you.

Here are the must-haves for every invoice you send to a client:

  • The title “Invoice” clearly displayed

  • You and your client's full names and address

  • The invoice date

  • The payment due date

  • A unique invoice number

  • A description of the products or services sold

  • The quantity and price of each product/service

  • The date the products/services were delivered

  • The total amount due

Additionally, you may need to include sales tax on your invoices. Each state and county has different tax rates and rules, so be sure to check the local requirements before sending an invoice!

Below is the way a payment request looks on Maroo. We ensure all of the legally required information is there for you automatically. That said, you may want to go ahead and attach an itemized invoice to the request so that your client has all the details:

Want to learn more about how EASY it is to set up a payment request and start using Maroo? Watch our video: setting up a payment request on Maroo.

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