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How to create a payment link?
How to create a payment link?

Create payment links on Maroo effortlessly. Provide easy payment options to your clients.

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After you added most of the information about your payment request and payment methods that you'd like to accept, you will be offered to review the details of your payment request. You have 4 options on this screen:

  • Delete payment request if you realized you don't need it anymore

  • Edit payment request - you will be returned to the very first screen where you can make changes for all parameters except the client name

  • Email payment request - if you opted in to the setting where Maroo notifies your clients, you will be offered an option to "Email payment request".

  • If you prefer to send the payment link to your clients yourself, you will be offered an option to "Show payment link". There you can just copy the link and send it to your clients via text, email or existing CRM system.

At this stage your payment request will be in the "Draft" stage. Once you email or get the payment link, the status will automatically be changed to "Scheduled".

ℹ️ Please note that on the top of your payment request you will receive a unique payment link that you can share with your client at any point in time.

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